May 23, 2012

Memphis Food Truck Festival, part one

Location: Court Square, Downtown Memphis
Cost: $5
Memphis Munchies Food Truck & Catering on Urbanspoon

Sadly, we had to move on from New Orleans.  Kiss all the day drinking, Android parties, and incredible food goodbye, we're on the drive to Memphis!  We're hauling ass because we've got tickets to Game 5 of the Grizzlies-Clippers series later on, and we gotta get some food before we head in for the game.  As luck (or fate) would have it, we rolled into The River City on the day of the Memphis Food Truck Festival, and at lunchtime too!  This is gonna get interesting.

Some background: exactly one year ago, Memphis changed its laws on food trucks, allowing food trucks to prepare food in their trucks (something that not every city - ahem, Chicago - allows) as well as more food trucks to operate in the city.  Which is great news for the city of Memphis, because if the picture above didn't convince you, demand is high.  At the height of the festival, lines for each of the 8 or so food trucks were up to one hour long.  If I ever thought food blogging was easy, standing for hours in the hot, hot sun beat that idea out of me.

My first stop was Memphis Munchies, specializing in deep fried hot dogs.  Of course, per Memphis municipal code, they're required to serve slaw dogs, too.  Interestingly, Memphis Munchies is auditioning for Season 3 of Food Network's Great Food Truck Race, so if you're into them, give em a vote!

I started off by ordering a deep fried hot dog with chili, onions, & cheese.  5 minutes (quite a long time, I thought) later, I was served one of these on a generic white hot dog bun.  Is that...a slice of American cheese on top?  Fair enough, but how does it taste?  Turns out, a deep fried hot dog (at least from this food truck) tastes exactly like a regular hot dog.  I kinda expected a deep fried hot dog to, I dunno, have a crispier outer shell, but sadly, that wasn't the case.

Still, the dog was freshly cooked and juicy, the onions were nice and fresh, and the chili was well-seasoned and just spicy enough, so I can't really complain on the taste front.  Nevertheless, the small size of the dog (smaller than a grocery store hot dog bun), the sparse amount of chili on the dog, and the use of a Kraft single as cheese on the dog all worked together to leave a bad taste in my mouth (figuratively! Haha, I never thought I'd have to qualify that phrase).

For being unable to back up the hype of a deep fried hot dog, Memphis Munchies earns 2.5 Cherries.  More food truck fun from Memphis to come!


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