May 24, 2012

Memphis Food Truck Festival, part two

Location: Court Square, Downtown Memphis
Cost: $5
Revival Southern Food Company on Urbanspoon

You didn't think I'd show up to a food truck festival and only sample from one truck, did you?  Silly rabbit, apps are what I do!  So let's move on from that deep-fried hot dog that (sadly) didn't live up to the hype.  The Revival Food Truck caught my fancy, what with their brightly colored truck and a long line of hungry people snaking around Court Square, waiting for a taste.

At first, I wasn't so sure what to think.  Here's a truck billing itself as a "Southern Food Company," serving up Hawaiian Pork and Balsalmic Chicken Sliders?  Something doesn't smell right.  But as I looked further down their menu, I found some options that lived a little closer to the Deep South.

That would be the Dirty Fries and the Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding.  Not being in a particularly sweet tooth mood, I decided to go for a nice big heaping mound of the Dirty Fries, which are shoestring fries covered in andouille sausage gravy, with sauteed mushrooms & shredded cheese on top.  Sound familiar to anyone?

Well, it should, because it sounds exactly like poutine, a French-Canadian street food specialty made up of fries, gravy, and cheese.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.  We seem to be moving further North, not South, Revival.  Separate issue, but I was a little peeved by the fact that it took 25 minutes (timed it) to get my order after I'd placed it.  From a food truck.  I was only peeved because the time on my parking meter ran out while I was waiting for my food.

Either way, these ol' dirty fries were mighty tasty.  The fries miraculously stayed crispy despite being drowned (see above photo) in whole milk cheese, mushrooms, & gravy.  I had a feeling the combination of andouille sausage & mushrooms gave the gravy a little more acidity than I would have preferred; the pepper sprinkled on top didn't help things either.  Still, it was the perfect midday snack befitting an outdoor festival like the one we were at: plenty of people all around, nice 75 degree weather, incredible blues music being played live in the square.

For providing great Northern street food & posing as a "Southern Food Company," Revival earns 3 Cherries.


  1. That fries look scrumptious! I'll forget about my diet once I visit this food truck. Who knows I might finish it right away and see myself waiting though the avanti windscreens for more.