May 1, 2012

Rating Scale

Before I start posting, I should point out that I'll rate each establishment I eat at on a scale of 0-5 cherries.  I'll take a variety of factors into account, but how the food tastes is always going to be most important.  After all, why schlep out to a fancy-looking restaurant (or for that matter, wait in line for a grimy food truck) if the food's not worth it?

Here's a scientifically precise breakdown of each rating:

0 cherries: I'd rather go hungry than eat here. Given the nature of this blog, that's saying something.
1 cherry: Will do in a pinch (eg, to prevent death by starvation), but won't be coming back here.
2 cherries: I'll come back if whoever I'm eating with has a real craving. And if I like that person.
3 cherries: Now we're talking. Food worth coming back for, if it's convenient.
4 cherries: Food worth going out of your way to find.
5 cherries: The mecca! I'd be willing to fly back to this city solely for this restaurant.

Okay, enough business.  Time for the real posts!


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