July 15, 2012


Location: 1940 9th St NW (Shaw Metro)
Cost: $15
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Ugh, working nights totally sucks.  It's a complete shock to the system; I walked around in a half-awake daze all week long.  Little to no sleep at night, then even less sleep at home during the day because it's so bright out.  Most importantly, however, it gave me no time to think about the blog.  Thankfully, I've transitioned off nights now, and eager to get back to posting!  We'll start back where I left off a few weeks ago, fresh off my first week of work, and looking forward to happy hour to unwind and catch up with my co-interns.  We headed to DC9, a U Street bar with a nice roof deck, for drinks and some food.

Conveniently located on U & 9th Streets - both for its proximity to the Metro and easy-to-remember name -  DC9 is known more for the live music acts it has up on its second floor stage than for the bar down below.  If you're an indie rock fan, you're in luck: show up to DC9 on any given night and you're likely to be just in time for a concert (they run at least 4 nights a week).  Downstairs is much more dive bar-ish, with dingy floors and tatted bartenders.  If you're looking for a more conventional happy hour, the rooftop's your best bet; it's got great views of the U Street District, and the open air just makes everything feel that much nicer.

As an aside, DC9 turns all of its fryer oil into biodiesel, which I personally think is awesome despite not driving a diesel car.  But anyways, onto the food!  I was in the mood for a burger, and the Black Smith looked like a good decision.

If you can't tell, it's a burger.  Covered in cajun spices and topped with blue cheese, caramelized onions, and blacken aioli, and served with mmm mmm biodiesel fries.  The burger itself was pretty awesome, but only if you like blue cheese, because the flavor kind of overpowers everything else in the burger.  Whatever spices they use to blacken the burger taste pretty great too - it offers a black peppery kick that's not exactly spicy, but makes your taste buds tingle a bit.  And the bun?  Unremarkable, which, if you've read this blog, is about the best compliment I can give to the bun.  This one even more so because it's an egg bun, something I don't usually enjoy with my burger.

And what about those fries?  They were crispy enough, but mostly, they were kinda unremarkable too.  Which isn't a bad thing, but I wish they'd sprinkle some of that cajun spice blend on top of the fries to mix it up a little.

I really wish I were hungrier, cause I wanted to try a bunch of their offerings, like their fried chicken and pimento cheese deviled eggs.  For showing me a new convenient place to grab a bite and a beer (and some live music to boot), DC9 earns 3.5 Cherries.


  1. Rooftop dining is popular here in New York as well. Most popular in the Bronx are the vegan / organic ones that are based not so coincidentally in rooftop vegetable gardens. With the increasing amount of rooftop establishments, our city has urged more safety measures and standards such as the availability of roof anchors (picture).