August 26, 2012

The Front Page

Location: 1333 New Hampshire St NW (Dupont Circle)
Cost: $15-$20
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Let me start off by apologizing for the dearth of posts over the past 4 weeks.  As it turns out, working on inpatient services is incredibly tiring - think 12 hour shifts of nonstop work.  Couple that with early morning hours (waking up at 4:30) for a decidedly anti-morning person, and it means I end up passing out after dinner or spending my remaining free time going to restaurants, not writing about them.  Fortunately, I'm rotating through clinics now, and office hours/no weekends are a welcome break from the go go pace of hospitalist work.  To celebrate surviving the first few weeks of residency, I got a bunch of my coworkers together for Sunday dinner at The Front Page, a classy bar right along the southern edge of Dupont Circle.