About Me

Hi there! My name's Shuo. I'm a pediatrics resident (that's doctor-in-training) working in Washington. Taking care of sick kids is my day job and I absolutely love it, but I'm just as excited to explore the diverse and expansive universe that is the DC food scene. With cuisines from all over the world spanning the gamut from pocket change street food to 3-star Michelin, Washington's bars and restaurants epitomize my philosophy when it comes to dining.

I simply love food. I've got a fond appreciation for all sorts of eats, and I don't discriminate against that which costs less to consume. I don't have the picky palate of a food critic or a chef, but I can tell the difference between good food and bad food. I may not like everything I eat, but I love the thrill of trying something new. And I'm always hungry for more!

To know me is to eat with me. I can think of no better way, really, to strike up a new friendship, rekindle an old one, or just learn more about this great city than to do so over a good meal. And on that note, I invite you to explore the various eats of the Capitol City with me!